Petrol is available everywhere on the side of the road in bottles, so don’t worry about running out. You usually get 3/4 of a liter for IDR 5,000. If you fill up at a petrol station then you will pay IDR 4,500 for a liter.

People do not look when they come out of side streets. They simply drive out in front of you. This is normal. They are not being inconsiderate. You, as the car/motorcycle behind are supposed to see them and brake instead of them watching for you coming. The best way to approach this road behavior is to be aware, that at any place where a road intersects, someone may drive in front of you, seemingly out of nowhere. Be prepared and observe the harmonious flow.

The first tip is to carry a map book or a map. This will work except for on the smaller roads. The second tip, when asking directions from people on the side of the road is to double or even triple check with two or three different sets of people. (Stop two or three times). What happens in Bali when you stop to ask directions is that out of politeness people will tell you where to go and give you directions even though they have no idea where you want to go. It’s quite funny. Bali is pretty small so there is little chance of making too big a mistake.


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On the smaller side roads people usually drive in the middle of the road, so if you are driving round a corner and you cant see the road ahead “toot your horn”.


On all of the smaller roads it is a good idea to keep your speed down as all sorts of unexpected things are around such as dogs and cats and kids running out and a myriad of little carts on wheels selling food and wares.If you come across a blocking the road then it’s time to chill-out and enjoy. It may take a while. If you are lucky enough you may be able to hop out of your car for a closer look. Ceremonies are everywhere and almost all the time, so enjoy!Patience, when driving in Bali, is an excellent attribute.

You’ll hear quite a lot of horn honking in Bali. Normally it is used to let you and other drivers know that a person is there. “Beep beep…I’m overtaking you on my motorcycle on the wrong side of the road- Don’t worry I’ll be fine”However,due to traffic congestion in the more crowded areas such as kuta and Seminyak people have more recently taken to honking their horns in frustration. It maybe annoying sitting in a traffic jam being honked at, but relax… and enjoy… whilst the other people “Do Stress”

If you have an accident whether or not it is your fault try to keep your cool. Also if the other people are hurt then try to be as helpful as possible and even offer a little money to help them, even if it is their fault. This is more the case with motorcycles than cars. Most people here are on pretty low wages and medical expenses can be huge.

(N.B. Don’t give anything to people who are faking it as sometimes happens when they see a foreigner. Use your intuition and do what is appropriate)If you are personally injured in an accident then be calm and get yourself to one of the international clinics. For minor cuts and bruises you can go to a local pharmacy and buy whatever is needed to clean up.

Remember that this is the tropics and that if you have cuts and abrasions you should thoroughly clean your wounds several times daily.


We available for :

Transfer Package
For Transfer from/to Hotel - Airport
Tours package
We Arange you to Package tours for 2days, 3days etc with special price.
Daily Tours
We Arange you to Daily tours for Kintamani tour, Tanah lot tours, etc with compotitive price.
We Organize you to Overland tours Package for outside Bali as Java n Lombok, etc with compotitive price
Study Tours
This package Special quotation for Student for Study tours etc.


Group Sekolah

Terima kasih Merpati, kami telah menggunakan Armada yang sangat bagus dengan service dan Driver yang sangat2 bagus pula.



ADS Bali Travel

Thank you to Merpati, Your Transport is verry good with excelent Driver and Service.
Thanks Thanks Thanks,....


ADS Bali Travel

Thank you to Merpati, Your Transport is verry good with excelent Driver and Service.
Thanks Thanks Thanks,....

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