Bedugul Tours   Ubud and Surrounds Tours

When the heat and humidity finally start to grate, Bedugul is the perfect escape. Tucked into the crater of an extinct volcano 1,400 meters above sea level, it is a high land retreat.
Three lakes provide every thing for outdoor recreation from springs, rivers and rice fields below. Lush pine forests seem to create a freshness in the air. Bedugul is known for its fine fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and spices which are all displayed in the market.


A beautiful locale with a natural inclination to the arts, ubud was home to the first foreigners from Europe in the 1920s artists seeking inspiration within their surroun dings.
Ubud is a center for artists, surrounded by souvenir outlets, quaint cafes and accom modations. Neighboring villages such as Peliatan and Campuhan have been absorbed into Ubud's sprawl.


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Singaraja Tours   Tanah Lot Tours

Singaraja was of great importance in the late 19th century when Bali was under Dutch colonial rule. Until 1945 it was the capital of Bali, until that honor was deferred upon Denpasar which with a natural harbor was deemed more appropriate.
Continuing on the road form Singaraja to Pupuan is some of Bali's most spectacular scenery. Steeply terraced rice fields plunge down the hillside while towering above is Mount Batukaru, usually covered by clouds after mid-morning.


Tanah lo is an icon of Bali, more photo graphed than any othermonument on the island. Joined to the shore by a narrow strip of land and is one of the six most holy temples of Bali.
During high tide, devotees breast the waves with offerings for the Gods. Tanah Lot was built by Nirartha Danghyang, one of the last priests arriving in Bali from Java in the 16th century.
When he reached the spot where Tanah Lot now stands, he created a temple to acknowledge the gifts the gods bestowed upon the island. Te best time to see Tanah Lot is in the late afternoon when the temple is silhouetted against the sky.

Lombok Package Tours   Java Island, Destination Yogyakarta
Lombok marks the beginning point of the area known as "Wallace" where flora and fauna of continental Asian origin gradually fade out and species from Australian begin further east.
The northern part of the island is moun-tainous and verdant with tall trees covering the land. The south and east coastal lowlands are arid and covered by savannas.
At around the time Islam first came to Lombok in the 16th century, four Hindu kingdoms co-existed in apparent peace in what is now West Nusa Tenggara.
At present, Hinduism is the religion embra-ced mostly by the Balinese population of western Lombok while the indigenous people the Sasaks are predominately Muslim.

Lombok Place of interest:

Mount Rinjani, Sukarara and Sengkol, Rambitan Village, Kute Beach, etc

Yogyakarta, affectionately called 'Yogya', is a delightful blend of the old and the new.
At its core is the elegant Sultan's Palace (built in 1755), purveyor of traditional Javanese arts:batik-making, mystical keris swords and the Ramayana epic portrayed in wayang kulit (shadow puppet) plays and dance.
Experiencing from the town are roads leading through some of Java's most densely popu-lated but richest farmlands to some of the oldest Hindu and Buddhist monuments in Indonesia.
Some of them date back to the 7th century. The sulfur-spewing volcano, Mount Merapi, looms over the north. Also a center of education, Yogya's more than 50 academies and universities attract students, writers, painters and dancers from throughout the world who thrive on innovative thinking and tradition art forms.

Jogja Place of interest :
Borobudur, Prambanan. Kota Gede, Jalan Malioboro, etc.


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Thank you to Merpati, Your Transport is verry good with excelent Driver and Service.
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ADS Bali Travel

Thank you to Merpati, Your Transport is verry good with excelent Driver and Service.
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